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Hypno Poker - Mindset
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Creating the right mindset and becoming mentally tough is essential for any serious poker player.

Most players know that 'tilt' undermines your ability to think clearly. Learning to have emotional control at the table is paramount for peak performance. Hypnopoker can help you to discover any underlying issues stored in your subconscious mind and help you find out why you are experiencing “tilt”.

Having laser focus, playing optimally and mastering motivation are skills that can be learned by strengthening your mind. I have developed a series of simple systems that will allow your mind to operate at full capacity.

Any limiting beliefs and fears will become erased from your mind and you will adopt a growth mindset that will be full of determination, congruence, discipline, and self-belief.

This is one of the quickest paths to success - but it's still a journey, and I will be with you every step in that journey to help you succeed by highlighting the successes that already exist within your mind.


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