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About me

Hi, my name is Ilze Zolte, your poker performance coach from Hypno Poker. I help professional poker players unlock their true potential by focusing on their mindset.

The best poker players in the world know that a game of poker is as much a mental game as it is physical. 99% of the time, the reason for the bad beats, 'tilt', downswings and self-sabotage is directly connected to the mental game - and I can help you fix that!

By tapping into your subconscious mind through hypnosis you will gain increased focus, concentration and get rid of any limiting beliefs, which will help you win not only at poker, but also in life. Hypno Poker is the ultimate solution to unlocking your true potential. > After all...

When it comes to you, you have to be ALL IN!
Ilze Zolte - Hypno Poker

My journey to becoming a Poker Coach

Some of my earliest and most fond memories were playing card games with friends and family.

I vividly remember playing Snap! and Fish, then progressing to Gin Rummy and a Latvian card game called Zolite. Before I started secondary school I was taught Pontoon and then I learned to count cards playing Blackjack. I mention this because I have a long history of playing card games. It was inevitable that I would end up putting my skill sets to use in a professional context.

I spent just short of a decade working as a croupier, inspector and poker dealer. It was around that time I fell in love with Poker. I quickly started playing online and then joined several pub leagues progressing to area finals and national tournaments. My poker 'tilt' has been tested numerous times in the real world and admittedly early in my poker playing career, I was known to be one of the most vocal players.


Now, I'm one of the quietest and most focused. You see, Hypnotherapy gave me greater confidence, calmed my mind and I became mentally stronger. My nerves turned into excitement, 'tilt' and self-sabotage were bad habits that I left behind and I learned how to emotionally detach. I recall watching Fedor Holz praise his poker mind coach, Elliot Roe when talking about his poker success and how mindset was his key.

I continued to learn about the mechanics of the mind and completed the Jacquin Hypnosis Academy Diploma. This enabled me to free myself from all negative beliefs, provide Online Group hypnotherapy sessions, and one-to-one coaching, and pursue my dream of becoming a Poker Mind Coach. I started training with Elliot shortly afterward and the Jacquin Hypnotherapy Academy.

I am honored to be a member of Fantastic Ladies in Poker (FLIP).

I am extremely passionate about poker. Generally, when I am not working I will either be playing poker live or online. I love meeting other poker players and am always keen to improve my own game!

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