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What Clients have said about Hypno Poker and Ilze Zolte ...

Lisa Luposello Pickell, Professional Poker Player and Coach at Poker Power

"I was invincible and unshakeable after listening to your audio to start my day."

"Your help has been invaluable. I was on a downswing and hadn't been listening to my audio. which I think is absolute key to the process, and then I listened and cashed in my next three tournaments. It's like night and day when I listen to it. Tailoring an audio, especially the affirmations to each individual is huge."

Lisa was provided with audios to listen to before a tournament, during breaks and after she plays poker.

  • "I noticed when I had chips and I lost a decent pot reverting back to the session and reminding myself of the feeling when I was doing well."
  • "It felt awesome working with you then going in and absolutely crushing."
  • "I felt invincible after an empowerment session!"

Kylie Maron-Vallorani, Ambassador for School of Cards

Kylie Maron-Vallorani

I have been working with Ilze for several months. My struggles in my poker game are intertwined with my personal life. Fear of losing, negative framing of experiences, passivity and then on top of that, peri-menopause!

Ilze is warm, enthusiastic, confident in her training and skills and unendingly faithful in my ability to dig deep and connect with my authentic self. The self that is calm, confident and courageous.

She creates a safe confidential environment which has enabled me to explore, reflect and shift my limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Each session includes techniques and resources that I can turn to and use myself whilst at the table or in any day to day challenges as needed.

Her methods and direct and specific and after each session I have noticed positive changes, especially in game where I am more focused, self-disciplined and determined.

I definitely recommend Ilze and hypnotherapy and believe even one session can make a difference.

Thanks Ilze! 🙂

Emilia Riot, Fantastic Ladies in Poker Ambassador

Emilia is an ambassador for the Fantastic Ladies in Poker, the largest female-only poker community in the world.

-- Ilze is extraordinary at changing your mindset, which is so important at a Poker table. After just one session she elevated my thinking, which as a result improved my focus, concentration and ultimately performance.

Her skilful way of turning challenges and difficulties into lessons learnt was incredibly valuable --

Jessica Vierling

Jessica Vierling

Before I started my hypnotherapy sessions with Ilze, I would sometimes be debilitatingly nervous when entering a big tournament. The impact of my emotions didn't stop there, though. I would tilt the worst after making mistakes, having thoughts like "Why am I even trying? I don't deserve to win anyways." I would get this overwhelming feeling of wanting to punish myself and just punting off my remaining chips.

Ilze gave me the tools to recenter myself not only by using physical anchors which were subconsciously associated with a positive mindset or by working on my self-confidence under hypnosis, but also by being a caring friend.

There is still a lot of room to grow for me to let go of all bad mental habits, but Ilze definitely was crucial to get to the point where I am now... A, both psychologically as financially, more successful poker player and overall person.

Suzanne Franklin

I had several Hypno-poker sessions with Ilze, she put me at ease instantly and was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. We covered several of my internal issues that were holding me back at the poker table and I have been able to improve my game and start cashing.

Will be continuing my sessions as they really worked for me!

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Quelle: https://hypnopoker.co.uk/Testimonials

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