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Hypno Poker - Moneyblocks
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Think back to when you were a child ...

Do you remember hearing any of these statements?

  • “Money is the root of all evil.”
  • “No-one needs all that money.”
  • “They’re paid far too much for what they do.”
  • “They should give their wealth to X,Y or Z.”

These expressions are just a few vocalised beliefs that can create deeply rooted money blocks which in turn sabotage success and limit earning.

Have you ever felt

  • “I'm not one of the lucky ones”.
  • “I'm bad with money.”
  • “Earning money is difficult.”
  • “Situations don’t present themselves to me like they do others.”

By examining our personal experiences and the origins of our beliefs, its easy to see where we create personal limitations. I’ve discovered a simple formula that will change your reality.

Mental Programming ...


Mental programming creates thoughts, which help form beliefs; which create experiences, and shapes our reality.

I can help you if you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions.

  • “Do you believe that you will always be in debt?”
  • “Are you unable to hold onto money?”
  • “Do you have spending addictions?”
  • “Have you ever had anxieties when looking at your account balance?”
  • "Do you have any issues managing money?"
  • "Do you take from one hand to give to another?"
  • "Have you ever had a big win and then fluttered it all away not knowing why?"

Your thoughts and feelings towards money can directly affect your ability to excel and using my tailor-made hypnosis expertise I can help you fix that. I will share with you the secrets to get rid of the feelings of powerlessness, fear, concern or worry.

Take back control, be more financially confident and win at life, on and off the table.

Uncover the real you.

The first step to success is clicking the ‘Free Discovery Call’ button below.

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